30 Days to Election Day – 5,200 Registered Voter Doors Knocked

March 11th, 2013  / Author: Rick Graham

It has been a pleasure meeting over 2,000 people at the door of their homes discussing our campaign and the future of Spring Hill.  I thank all of my supporters and those considering extending us their vote! We are 30 days from ending the campaign and starting to work for a new vision! Blessings,

Early Voting Starts Fri., March 22…When and Where to Vote (It is different than normal)

March 11th, 2013  / Author: Rick Graham


Please Make Note — You do not vote necessarily what is shown on your voter registration card for City Elections

EARLY VOTING — All Maury and Williamson Voters …. Early Voting is only at ONE location…

  • Winchester Community Building – 563 Maury Hill Street
  • Next to Evans Park off of Beechcroft Drive – Right Turn going South Past Coop Building in downtown Spring Hill; OR a right turn on Maury Hill Street
  • Monday through Friday Voting – 8 am to 4 pm
  • Saturday Voting – 8 am to Noon
  • Week One of Early Voting :  Friday, March 22, Saturday March 23, Monday, March 25, Tuesday, March 26, Wednesday, March 27, Thursday, March 28
  • No Voting on March 29th or 30th
  • Week Two of Early Voting:  Monday, April 1. Tuesday, April 2, Wednesday, April 3, Thursday, April 4, Friday, April 5, and Last Day to Early Vote- Saturday, April 6


ELECTION DAY, Thursday, April 11th – 7 am to 7 pm at 3 Locations

  • Williamson Voters – Vote at LONGVIEW RECREATION CENTER, 2909 Commonwealth Drive – Located next to Longview Elementary School- ALL WM CO VOTERS VOTE HERE
  • Maury Voters – Vote at the Winchester Community Building by Evans Park  or Lutheran Church at 2494 Nashville Hwy.



Campaign Signs Popping Up in Spring Hill!

February 11th, 2013  / Author: Rick Graham

As I am sure you have noticed, campaign signs became legal for Spring Hill this past weekend.  If you would allow a sign in your yard and do not have one, please email me at aldermangraham@gmail.com.  I thank you for your support and vote!

4,000 Voter Homes Knocked

January 26th, 2013  / Author: Rick Graham
4,000 Voter Doors Knocked

It has been a pleasure meeting so many Spring Hillians in this campaign. It feels like the world’s longest job interview as that is what it is! I have about 1,500 more homes to visit and then I will start again reaching out to folks for their support. I want to make it easy for folks to vote for someone that has been by their home and hopefully met. 74 More Days!

Campaign Signs Are In!

December 21st, 2012  / Author: Rick Graham

Campaign Announces Duane Murray, Treasurer

December 8th, 2012  / Author: Rick Graham

We could not be more proud announcing Pastor Duane Murray as our campaign Treasurer.  Duane and I have been friends for a very long time as we have worked on several men’s ministry projects at our Church over the years.  He is been our Executive Pastor at Thompson Station Church since March 2005.  I met Duane when he was CEO at the Bone & Joint Clinic, PC, from October 1999 to April 2005.

Duane graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with a MHA, Healthcare Management and has a BA, Management/Marketing from Union University.  He is rock solid man of faith, values and high ethics that represent our campaign well.  He, Kristen and their wonderful children live in Cameron Farms.   God has blessed us with this excellent leadership.


52 Reasons … Why Your Vote Is Important

December 5th, 2012  / Author: Rick Graham

The last Mayor’s race was won by 52 votes! YOUR VOTE IS IMPORTANT.  Appropriately 15% of SH voters will vote in this election.  The folks that make up this 15% will be the decision makers for the 85% that will pass on voting plus the number of non-registered voters.  “52 Votes Made A Difference…  1 Vote Could Make A Difference This Time.”

Credit Cards now available for campaign contributions:

December 4th, 2012  / Author: Rick Graham

You can now make campaign contributions with your debit or credit card (sorry Mr. Ramsey) from this webpage.  There are no additional charges or fees for using your card with Pay Pal and it is safe.  You do not have to set up a Pay Pal account.

Your contributions are very important and appreciated as we invest into the future of Spring Hill.  Please click the “Donate” button below.

Building a Sense of Place…

December 4th, 2012  / Author: Rick Graham

How do you define our community? What features and local resources do you appreciate? What do we want our sense of place to be? Our identity.  Our community character.  The resources we need are at our finger tips and include you.

We are not Franklin.  Or, Brentwood or Columbia.  We should define our sense of place and our journey of re-discovery begins with the creative spirit and determination of Spring Hill’s citizens.  Together we can develop and demonstrate a simple road map empowering our citizens to:

  • Articulate what it is they love and wish to protect and enhance;
  • Define, unearth, and contribute data to serve as a critical tool for future land use zoning and planning decisions;
  • Develop strong and enduring relationships within and across governmental lines, fostering regional cooperation;
  • Promote a vigorous public participation in local growth management


What will the data tell us about Spring Hill? We know we are a family bedroom community that is very young.  We are blessed with many children who are active and require exercise.  Parks and recreation is important to our family atmosphere and active lifestyles.  Children denied access to sports leagues due to a lack of space and facilities is unacceptable.

Most of us work from home or travel north every work day.  We need more choices in our travel with adequate roads and infrastructure.  A new I-65 interchange is very possible taking some traffic burden off of a busy Hwy 31/Main Street that needs to widened with additional lanes.

We want to dine, shop and be entertained in Spring Hill.  How can Spring Hill define our sense of place in this arena? A town square? What will be our identity and sense of place in middle Tennessee?

Spring Hill is at the cross-roads for many major decisions.  The next major decision is our Mayor which sets our course in leadership for the coming years.


Concerned Citizen…or Politician?

December 4th, 2012  / Author: Rick Graham

I cringe when I hear the word “politician” referred about me, which is true and comes with the territory of being an elected official.  I prefer to think of myself as a concerned citizen as what really brought me into public official and to Spring Hill City Hall.

About seven years ago, I went to City Hall as a concerned citizen pleading to the BOMA for a noise ordinance that contained a maximum decibel level.  My request fell on deaf ears and I was advised if I didn’t like it run for alderman, so I did.  As you are obviously aware, I won and was reelected in 2011 but I keep this reminder very close to my heart of who I am and why I am in public office.

I tell folks if you are looking for that arrogant, “know it all” type Mayor, I’m not your guy.  I am a concerned citizen first and foremost.  That is the compass in my decisions for the betterment of Spring Hill.